Single-lever mixer Ceramics CONTUR E

with extractable hand shower, rotatable by approx. 90°


Since the fittings of the CONTUR E line with extractable hand shower are built identically to the single-lever mix CONTUR E, it provides the same advantages. The outlet can be rotated by 90° and can be combined with various hand showers. Naturally, temperature and water flow can be regulated in detail. The fittings line CONTUR E is suitable for immersion pumps and pressure pumps and can be delivered with or without micro switch. If available, the switch is completely water-proof (IP67). The inserted shower head can be rotated by 90°.




Variants and Accessories



Weight 0,89 kg
Cable length 600 mm
Standard connection F
Other connections C,F,J,L
Switching capacity 5 ampere
Max. pressure 6 bar
Bore for mounting 36 mm