Single-lever mixer Ceramics CASCADA

with free water flow


The water fittings line CASCADA is characterized by extremely low eight and a unique, very soft water outflow. Contrary to most fittings, CASCADA Bath neither has a traditional outlet pipe nor a jet control. Tis design results in a type of cascade which is quite different from traditional outlet pipes and creates an extremely soft flow which is perfect for washing hands. Apart from an appealing appearance, it also has the advantage of not creating a water spray within the smaller basins which are typical in the caravaning sector and are susceptible of spraying when a "hard" water jet hits. CASCADA Kitchen has a longer and higher outlet and can be rotated by 120°. It is the perfect addition for larger sinks, such as the sink in the kitchen as larger pots will fit as well.


Variants and Accessories



Weight 0,29 kg
Cable length 600 mm
Standard connection UniQuick
Other connections A,C,F,J,L
Switching capacity 5 ampere
Max. pressure 6 bar
Bore for mounting 33 mm