Single-lever mixer and faucet STYLE 3000

with vertically rotatable outlet


These elegant and modern fittings have an excellent price-performance ration and is perfectly suitable for installation in sinks with glass covers with a height of only 40 mm. High-quality materials ensure good durability. The modern, user-friendly toggle is used for regulating flow amounts and temperature. The line STYLE 3000 can be used in kitchens as well as in bathrooms. The different outlet versions will perfectly adapt to the user's requirements. The fittings line STYLE 3000 is suitable for immersion pumps and pressure pumps and can be delivered with or without micro switch.


Variants and Accessories



Weight 0,195 kg
Cable length 600 mm
Standard connection A
Other connections C,F,J,L
Switching capacity 4 ampere
Max. pressure 3 bar
Bore for mounting 27, 33 mm