Outlet combinations TREND E


A heavy argument: Low weight High-quality plastics are used instead of brass. The massive operating lever and the light plastic body of the fittings complement each other perfectly. The level of quality remains since a ceramics cartridge is in use, as with brass fittings. It can be replaced, if needed, without removing the fittings. Various extractable showers can be combined with these fittings, making them adaptable to almost any interior design. They are equally suitable for use in kitchen and bathroom since the hand shower systems DUETT, SATURN, KOMBI-Brause and JULIA can be switched from jet to stream. The TREND line can be optionally delivered with and without micro switch and can therefore be used with immersion pumps as well as with pressure pumps. If available, the switch is completely water-proof (IP67). Also available as TREND ECO.


Variants and Accessories



Weight 0,48, 0,89 (herausziehbar) kg
Cable length 600 mm
Standard connection F
Other connections C,F,J,L
Switching capacity 5 ampere
Max. pressure 6 bar