UV-12 immersion emitter UV CLEAN


Storing drinking water will lead to contamination within just a few days. Bacteria will form and cause damage to your physical health. The best counter-measure are UV emitters whose effects are based on the destruction of the DNA transfer during cell splitting. As a result, the bacteria will die. The REICH UV-12 immersion emitter works according to that principle. It consists of an immersion pipe covered in special quartz glass as well as an electronic ballast unit which is used to control the power supply. Water-tight power connections and compact dimensions allow for use as immersion emitter in fresh water tanks. When in operation, the immersion emitter is switched on by the ballast unit for 15 minutes every 4 hours. This short time will suffice in order to obstruct the DNA transfer during cell splitting and kill the corresponding bacteria. Thanks to its low-energy use, the immersion emitter can be operated with a solar panel as well. The installation of a UV-12 immersion emitter by Reich is simple and can easily be done at home. A hole with a diameter of 20.5 mm is drilled through the tank lid or the tank and a screw connection attached. Then lead the supply cable of the immersion emitter through the hole and insert the immersion emitter on this cable and let it sink to the bottom of the tank. Then simply tighten the tank lid and the screw connection. Now connect the supply cable of the immersion emitter as well as 12-V supply cable from the vehicle's power network or solar panel to the ballast unit - done. The decontamination performance of the REICH UV-12 immersion emitter was tested by Hygienic Institute of the University of Heidelberg.

Technical information

- Rated voltage: 12 Volt (stabilized DC Voltage)

- Voltage range: 10–15 Volt

- Rated output: 12 Watt

- Power supply: only with supplied ballast unit

- Weight: 180 g

Dimensions: 75 x 75 x 250 mm

Length of connection cable: 3 m

Temperature range: -5 to +50° C

- Operating position: any

- Tank volume: max. 500 l



Variants and Accessories



Cable length 0,18 mm
Hose length 3 m