UV-12 decontamination with PURITEC® emitter.



The perfect solution for the decontamination of drinking water. Assembly right in front of water discharge location! Apart from visible light, the emitter primarily sends invisible radiation with a wavelength of 254 nm. The UV-radiation damages the DNA of bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts. As a result, the micro-organisms die within short periods of time while their reproduction is seriously reduced. Once water flows through the decontamination system, it is automatically activated. The device has a flow sensor at it supply point. Once the water flow is shut down, the UVC emitter will be active for another 10 minutes. This process protects the emitter from frequent switch cycles in case water is used several times over a short period of time. Performance Test Fresenius Institute: Decontamination with single water flow at 909%, TZW test certificate for materials suitable as drinking water, display of optimal decontamination degree by green control light, standardized connections - compatible with fittings, electronic downtime monitoring of decontamination by red control light, decontaminated drinking water without the use of chlorine or other chemicals, simple replacement of radiators at end of service life.



Technical information


- Performance when switched off: < 0.2 Watt (standby)

- Emitter performance: 11 Watt

- Supply voltage: 12 Volt DC (10.2 V to 14.5 V)

- Emitter service life: approx. 3,000 h (electronically limited)

- Maximum number of switch cycles: approx. 10,000 (electronically limited)

- Max. water pressure: 10 bar (145 PSI)

- UVC radiation dose: > 400 J/sqm

- Decontamination in relation to flow amount * 99.99%

- Inactivation of E.coli bacteria with one flow, ** 99.99% Inactivation of legionella bacteria with one flow: * 5 l/min, ** 15 l/min

- Max. ambient temperature: 40° C

- Max. water temperature: 60° C

- Min. water temperature: 10° C

- Dimensions (HxWxL) in mm: 321 x 114 x 143

- Weight: approx. 1.7 kg

- Water connection: 3/4"

- Cable length: 880 mm

- Protection grade / Protection class: IP 44




Variants and Accessories



Cable length 1,7 mm
Hose length 880 m
Power consumption 15 W