Docking support



Docking caravans or trailers with the CARAVAN AIRBAG is child's play. The soft and shock-absorbing surface of the CARAVAN AIRBAG protects your vehicle from dents and scratches and you from injury. The CARAVAN AIRBAG fits on all conventional hitches: simply insert into the open hitch, close it and set the towbar wheel to the correct height. The position flag makes exact manoeuvring possible. In case of contact with the hitch of the rear of the vehicle, the soft padding of the CARAVAN AIRBAG prevents damages. The position flag indicates contact with the vehicle. When docking, simply remove the CARAVAN AIRBAG from the hitch, dock on and done. The CARAVAN AIRBAG can remain on the stored caravan or trailer and protect from injury by hitting the hitch. The supplied bag prevents it from becoming dirty. The JUMBO foot stabilizes the stand of your caravan support and can even be used with AL-KO supports. The delivery scope includes a quantity of 4. The adapter for corner supports will help you to quickly lower the supports using an electric screwdriver or drill. It is available in two different lengths.


Variants and Accessories


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