Shower sets

showery by REICH were specially developed for use in caravan or motorhomes. They are used in combination with REICH under-table fittings or water faucets.

  • All hand showers impress with outstanding design and their geometry which is optimized for caravan and motorhome sinks. As a result, the hand shower JULIA was awarded the internationally renowned design award "reddot".
  • The shower stream is optimized for use in combination with immersion or pressure pumps and provides a perfect showering experience.
  • Should the shower head calcify, this can be easily removed in most models thanks to anti-lime regulators made of silicone.
  • Some hand showers can be set to jet or shower. This double feature is especially useful when using the shower set as outlet in the sink and as shower in the bathroom.
  • All shower sets are available rotatable or fixed. For assembly in consoles in the shower room, various flanges with 45° and 60° brackets are available.