Research & Development

Caravaning with a passion for details. Caravaning means freedom. And for that, we at REICH live limitless creativity for new products and solutions again and again. So that the tour of dreams with motorhome or caravan can be a comfortable, safe and carefree pleasure.

From Eschenburg to Arnhem

Over the years, we have filed more than 100 patents and copyrights for our ideas. And we continue to discover new things along the way on our journey to better caravaning. With our idea factory at our headquarters in the Hessian town of Eschenberg naturally at the center. Here, our specialist teams developed solutions for outstanding water fittings and pumps as well as technical details for more driving safety with caravans and the extremely popular manoeuvring systems pro and basic with our easydriver brand.

The REICH research department in Hessia especially focuses on hardware development. What fits best? Which material or material mix makes most sense?

The experts at the 100% REICH subsidiary ivra electronics b.v. in the Dutch city of Arnhem also have the right instincts for good solutions while advancing developments in electronics and software. The concepts originating in the Netherlands are then implemented as new patented ideas which make it easier for you to enjoy your caravaning holiday.

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