Just yet for the second time this year the popular easydriver-manoeuvering devices show off again. Since there was the awarding of the best products and labels of the world with the Plus X-Award. After having received the Red Dot Award the easydriver convinced the jury again with the highest innovation-prize for technology, sport and lifestyle products – honouring with the award ” Best Product of the Year”.

This special title of appreciation suits to now to the easydriver, because it received more seals of quality as any other products within the same range. Focused and examined according to seven categories – such as for example ergonomics and ecology – carried out by special journalists and personalities from 27 different business lines, the Opens internal link in current windoweasydriver was checked thoroughly. Immediately 5 PLUS X quality seals were given to high quality, innovative idea, convincing design and comfortable handling as well as outstanding function

The winner easydriver takes five categories itself

The award “High Quality” is the most important of all quality seals. It stands for the enthusiastic development standing for a “long life” product. Where there is a complex and smart design at the same time, the jury honours this with a star. And – where there is the respect to the state-of-the-art technology for the future it stands for the category “innovation”.

Convincing in a sovereign manner, the easydriver shows an easy control and handling. The 5th ” Plus” was given according to function – the safe and reliable coordination of base and second functions.

The entire team is happy together with all easydriver fans about this second Award. Showing the value of a strong effort and bringing passion of development to a leading success – for the lovers of camping and caravaning holidays.
We do and we did enjoy all compliments at the trade fair in Düsseldorf within all discussions at the Caravan Salon.

We will not get tired on working hard shaping new designs, ideas and efforts – we do promise.
Enjoy your next trip: save ride and fun when you go on you next  Caravan-Tour.