Work first, then the holidays?

We prefer combining what we enjoy - holidays, traveling and leisure are our constant companions when we work.

We, meaning 170 employees and 6 trainees - are solution finders with the mission to make the freedom of caravanning perceptible and the comfort tangible. We love what we do. Because our ideas, solutions and products make caravanning for camping fans better, more carefree and safer. A great feeling which enriches our daily work.

We train:

  • Industrial clerks
  • Process mechanics for plastic and rubber technology
  • Production mechanic
  • Technical draftsman/-woman

The Comfort of Working

After 5 years in our company, you can "change saddles" - to a bicycle or e-bike, leased by us.

After 5 years in our company, you can "change saddles" - to a bicycle or e-bike. We also offer our employees the opportunity to participate in regular individual English lessons in the company. Because we are only as strong as our employees which is why we love to invest in trainings and professional development.

What we offer:

  • Holiday salary / Christmas bonus
  • Supplement to occupational retirement plans or capital-forming benefits

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Careers at REICH Living in beautiful Eschenburg

Did you know that the first two attempts at flying in Germany took place in Eschenburg and that it is home to the second-oldest glider association? But this Hessian district is not only perfect for hobby pilots. Do you prefer exploring the mountains on foot? This distric of approx. 10,000 people provides perfect access to the Rothaarsteig hiking trail. The 154 km long hiking trail offers ample opportunity to explore and enjoy nature.

The larger cities in the area are Wetzlar (44.4 km), Gießen (47.9 km ), Marburg (42.2 km), Siegen (45.3 km) and Frankfurt (110 km). Your comfort begins with a short commute and a special place to live. comfortably.

Perhaps you will be part of our REICH team soon and Eschenburg a new home for you and your family.

We look forward to it.

Would you like to combine work with holidays?